The Firm

Knight Employment Law is a boutique law firm dedicated to the practice of employment litigation in California.

Located in West Los Angeles, the Firm is committed to providing the highest-quality representation to employees who have suffered from the illegal conduct of their employers.

The Firm represents employees of all professions, and in all stages of their career, in navigating workplace disputes and aggressively advocating for financial compensation when employers have failed to follow the law. Knight Employment Law handles all manner of employment cases. The Firm has represented business executives, founders of technology companies, attorneys, doctors, school teachers, other professionals, and workers in the healthcare, retail, service, and hospitality industries. The Firm has obtained numerous six-figure settlements, including in both class action and single-plaintiff settlements.

The Firm is committed to working with its clients on an individual, high-attention level, to return all calls promptly, and to become your ally in aggressively pursuing maximum financial recovery when you have suffered from mistreatment in working conditions, payment of wages, or by wrongful termination.